Hey, All, It's Lucy

Hello, I just wanted to post to let everyone know I'm in PA and I'm fine. Frank ran out to get us some bagels from this deli down the road, and then I remembered that neither one of us blogged when I got in. I'm so sorry to make everyone worry but I'm fine.

I like Frank, really. He's a bit older than me, but he's a really funny guy, which doesn't necessarily come out in his blog posts or AIM or whatever. He's really understanding, and it seems like there's some hidden sadness under his sparkling eyes.

My parents are staying with some relatives in- ok, I probably shouldn't write that in case the Coven found this blog and want to get to them. Sorry, gotta keep you in the dark.

OK, well, I should probably go before Frank gets back. He's going to see this anyway, isn't he?
:P Anyway, we'll be sure to let you know if something happens.

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