Dimmick Inn A Dead Trail

Sorry, I forgot to post last night when I got back from checking out the Dimmick Inn and Steakhouse. I was dead tired, so I just fell right asleep and woke up about a half-hour ago. The Dimmick Inn is a really nice place, but I didn't see any signs of the Coven. Sylvia, I guess we were reaching a bit with the whole PA's Steakhouse/ Pennsylvania Steakhouse thing. There are no hidden trails leading off into the woods, because the Dimmick is in the middle of town. No woods near here. Also, there's nothing that looks like it could be the Silver Garden. I thought I might have finally been onto something, but I guess not.

So, did everyone hear Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death for what he did to those poor people in Iraq? I wish the same thing would happen to the Coven.

I'll be on AIM later if anyone wants to talk. I'm hoping Frank will try to contact me again so I can make sure it's really him who sent me that note.

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