I Went To The PFC HQ Today

Well, I went to visit the PhoenixFire Corporation today. I didn't tell them who I really was, obviously... I said my name was Luisa Ekmel to see if it would get a reaction, and it didn't.

The building itself is pretty big. I guess they have some kind of factory in there... I don't know. It's ugly, too. Like, really gross. The front door is made out of glass, and it's pretty much the only glass on the entire front of the building that's not broken. I opened it and went inside, and I was pretty surprised at how modern it was.

The floors were silver, like metallic, and the walls were whitewashed. They had flourescent lighting and some pretty big-ass potted plants along the walls. The room you go into at first has some couches, and a table full of magazines... kinda like a hospital waiting room. There's a desk at the far end of the room, and a hallway leading off to the left and the right of the desk. I went up to the desk, because the receptionist was the only person I saw.

It was a guy. He had short black hair and glasses, and he was wearing a white lab-coat looking thing. His nametag said ERIK HEWOR. So I guess that's his name. I said, "Hi, I'm interested in applying for a job here."

He looked up from the book he was reading (which had the name CORINN where the author's name should be... I guess she wrote a book! I couldn't see the title, though.) "Hello there. What's your name?"

His voice was, like, really automatic-sounding. Like he'd rehearsed the lines over and over and over so much that he didn't even know what he was saying any more.

"Luisa Ekmel," I said.

"Well, hello, Luisa!" Erik said. "What kind of job are you interested in?"

"Well, what do you have available?" I asked.

"We're looking for an event coordinator."

"I can do that," I said. Not that I've ever coordinated events before. "When's the event?"

"November 17," he said. I almost asked him what VUDOFO means, but I decided not to. "It's short notice, we know, but..."

Then, for some reason, I really felt like I needed to get the hell out of that building. "Too short," I said, and turned around and walked away. I don't know why. Something in that place is very, very wrong, I'm sure.

So, I chickened out. I'm going back, you can be sure, and I'm gonna do better next time.

Talk to everyone tomorrow!


By the way, I'm feeling MUCH better. I'm starting to get over Frank's death.

And, I've been looking for the cloud, whatever that means... haven't quite found it yet. Clear skies today.

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CryingMime said...

good for you for going to the PFC HQ, i'm glad that you made it out ok. KTF, we'll figure the mystery out soon and avenge all the deaths!