We Spoke With Frank!

Wow, pretty eventful night. Here's a quick rundown of what happened.

Ok, I was on AIM, and I was talking to Luke and Sylvia in the chat room. Katrina Plessing's screen name (shesheisi) signed on, and it was Frank.

He told us that, when he killed himself, he found himself in a big room with hundreds of other people. He said he stood there for what felt like years, and then he heard Katrina's voice. He looked up and the ceiling of this room turned to water, and he saw Katrina looking down at him. That's really creeping me out, to be honest. The lake is a room? Things are getting really weird. So anyway, he said he convinced Katrina to drink out of the lake, which put him in her body.

We asked Frank if he knew what VUDOFO is, and he said no. He then said that he has the same birthday as Jakob Plessing, which surprised us (obviously.) I went looking, and I realized that in his Oct. 17th blog post he said his birthday was November 17th. I guess I just never made the connection.

Frank was just about to tell us something about Miss Corinn when the connection cut out. Katrina posted on her blog saying Frank was gone.

I'm going back to the PFC HQ tomorrow, to try and find something interesting. I'm gonna tell Mr. Erik (whose name anagrams to I WORK HERE. pretty weird.) that I want the job, and see what happens.

I'm still on AIM, by the way... probably will be for a while.

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