Blorp and Pooge

First of all, I wanted to say I am sorry for flipping out on you all yesterday. What you were saying really annoyed me, with Frank being alive and working with the PhoenixFire Corporation to get them their subjects for sacrifice. It was very frustrating, but I think I've calmed down at this point. (Ahem... Teri... Frank Is Alive? Miss Corinn Rocks? I don't think so!) So, yeah. Sorry I was angry, but I just really don't think you guys are right about that little aspect of this whole thing.


I took some time today to walk around Milford and see the sights, as the saying goes. I saw a bunch of nice little shops, the Pike County Public Library, an Italian deli with really good sandwiches...

And I also went to the local Grand Union and bought myself a Fruit Rollup. It's strange how we need things from our childhood to stay sane... they sell single rollups these days, did you know that? Anway, this one was a "tongue tattoo" special edition. I opened it up, peeled away that plastic cellophane wrapper, and held it up to the light of the sun so I could see what the "tongue tattoos" were. To my surprise, it was basically a splat with nonsense words written in it... Blorp, Pooge, Zounds, etc. I don't know why you want to go around with your tongue tattoo'd at all, much less with the word Pooge written on it.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot... you're not going to believe who I saw walking the streets of Milford. That kid Jason from inside the PhoenixFire Corporation building! It looked exactly like him. He saw me and he turned around and walked away REALLY fast. I don't know why he wasn't in school, but he was definitely in Milford. It's kinda creepy, if you ask me...

I'm changing motels. I don't think it's a good idea to stick in one place so long, and I can't believe I haven't realized this in the two weeks I've been at the Hattree Inn. Milford's a big tourist town, so I have quite a few motels to pick from... I think it's better if I didn't post on here which hotel I was staying at. Luckily for me, Frank's money hasn't run out yet. Every night, when I go up to my room, I tell the clerk to bill me for one more day, and the credit card hasn't bounced back yet. This guy had a lot of money, I guess.

I didn't have that horrible dream any more last night, which is a good thing. I think listening to Finger Eleven as I fell asleep had something to do with that. XD

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