Nightmare and Dreamscape

Last night I had perhaps the worst nightmare of my life. I was standing in what I can only call a silver garden. There were trees around me, but they looked rather fake. Of course, they were silver. There were silver flowers around me, and silver grass, and a silver sky. Somewhere up ahead of me, someone was shrieking. It was an inhuman scream... the sound of someone being horribly tortured to death.

I had to help them. I had to find them and save them. I began to run toward the sound of the shrieking. Something came out from behind a tree and stepped in my path. It had long, scraggly hair and dull, red eyes like smoldering embers. I turned and ran the other way and was met with a wall of flames. I could feel the searing heat on my skin. I could feel it. I turned back around, hoping, praying, that the monstrous human-thing would be gone. It wasn't. It was consumed by the fire, and it stood in the middle of the crackling flames, a dark silhouette against the background of red.

And then I woke up. I was sweating profusely, as though I was still surrounded by fire. I wasn't fully awake, and everything seemed like it was happening in slow motion. I looked up and I had the crazy sensation that I could still see the dead thing's glowing red eyes above me, but I figured they had to be ceiling cat's eyes and I rolled over to go back asleep. Then I woke up and looked at the ceiling again, but they were gone.

I'm considering going back to the PhoenixFire building to see what their specialist has to say about that dream. It really freaked me out.

Wow. I need to stop spending so much time at that place... I'm starting to think like they're a legitimate business.


So, I saw Miss Corinn has created a social networking site for F!PR. I can't believe she still thinks there are people out there who actually believe in her... we have to give her credit for trying. I mean, after what happened the other night, with Luke telling her about Frank and then Katrina going silent... It's pretty obvious she's the one keeping Katrina captive.

I'm gonna make a profile and see what she says about me. Talk to everyone soon.

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