Interesting Night...

OK, well, I signed on to AIM to talk with everyone, and we went into the bringingdownmisscorinn chatroom. Katrina signed in and gave us a little more information about her situation.

Guess what? This "Tabitha" that Katrina's been talking about? It's Miss Corinn! She's really Tabitha Plessing, who also happens to be Katrina's sister. Apparently Miss Corinn convinced Katrina to fake her own death to "save Frank..." I'm not exactly too clear on that. Katrina said Miss Corinn slipped her some pills that forced her to go along with it.

I had the idea that, just maybe, this is all a trap. It's a little far-fetched to be true, if you ask me. They lock this chick in a little room, give her a computer that can *only* get onto Blogger, and yet she mysteriously comes online, goes into our private AIM chat, and begs me to save her?

But then again, Frank did chat on her screen name the other night. And it was definitely him... no one else could have known what I said to him when I first saw him for real. UGH! I'm so confused. The only thing I know is that I have to go back to Middletown on Friday. I have to.

And then Luke confessed his love to me. I'm still not too sure what to do about that, either. I mean, he's 16, and I'm 25. I don't know about England, but that's illegal here in the US. I have some things to think over, so I'm gonna go lie down for a bit.

I'm in my new motel, by the way. I used an alias, so don't bother trying to figure out where I am.

AND, thanks Robert for reminding me in the chat. I bought this really cool thing today, at Milford's Eckerd. An Energizer cell phone charger... if my phone's batteries die during whatever winds up happening Friday, I can plug it into this charger, press a button, and I'll have full battery again. That's going to be great.

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